About Us

About Us

Pepper Road church of Christ is an independent, undenominational group of Christians striving to glorify our God and Savior.  Free of any man-made creed, the church seeks to pattern work and actions by the teachings of our Lord and the examples found within the New Testament.

The Christians who comprise the Pepper Road church are those who have realized the darkness of sin, understood that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation from past transgressions, confessed His holy name, and have been buried in baptism for remission of sins.  The Christians of this local church are disciples who follow Christ's divine will and seek to help one another maintain the type of life with which the Lord will be pleased.

While we pray for and encourage other churches who seek to follow the New Testament pattern, the church at Pepper Road maintains no organizational ties with other congregations either in our local area or abroad. In keeping with the New Testament pattern, we are shepherded by elders who have attained the qualities found in I Timothy 3 and Titus1 and who strive to watch for the souls of those comprising this congregation. The elders are supported in their work by deacons, who also have attained the qualities as described in I Timothy 3.

Our work as a church is simple in nature.  Just as Christians of New Testament times, we labor to spread the gospel both locally and abroad.  We seek to encourage one another and to help fellow Christians through difficult times, both spiritually and physically.  Most importantly, we strive to glorify God in our worship to Him and work in His service.

Please take the opportunity to visit with us.  You will find our worship to be modeled after New Testament standards.  On each Sunday morning, we assemble together to partake of the Lord's Supper and spend time remembering His death.  We join our voices together in song to praise our Lord and to teach one another.  We pray together.  We combine our resources through freewill offering to support the work of the Lord.  We study the Word.  In our other assemblies on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, we meet together for further worship and for more opportunity to study.  Your presence will be welcomed!

The following articles help to further explain and demonstrate the virtues, blessings, and requirements that the Lord has given to all of His people:

If you have any questions, please let us know.  Worship times and other events are published on our calendar.