“Restudying the Issues of the '50s and '60s”

Categories: False Doctrines

A road sign indicating that a fork in the road is ahead. The path to the right is bright, but there is darkness to the left.

The 1950s and 1960s were tumultuous times for the Lord’s church in the United States. Churches divided over three main issues: church support of orphan’s homes, the sponsoring church arrangement, and the addition of kitchens and fellowship halls to church buildings. Bill Hall recalls these times and the arguments on both sides of these issues in an attempt to help us understand the root of the disagreement and the conclusion to which God’s word leads us in each matter.

  1. Church-Supported Orphan’s Homes
  2. The Sponsoring Church Arrangement
  3. Kitchens and Fellowship Halls

While Bill Hall originally preached this series of lessons here at Pepper Road a number of years ago, the audio quality of our recordings was poor. The saints at West End in Bowling Green, KY were nice enough to let us post copies of the same lessons that Mr. Hall preached there on October 25, 2009. Our thanks to them.