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Calvinism: The Errors of John Calvin and Modern Calvinists

It underlies many of the legacy hymns we sing, and it crops up in our social media feeds: Calvinism. John Calvin and his Institutes of the Christian Religion may be the greatest influences on Protestant thought, second only to Martin Luther himself. This constant barrage of Calvinist thought has a tendancy to seep into the church and color our understanding of the truth.

The following series of lessons examines the doctrines of John Calvin and the arguments modern proponents, such as John Piper, make to defend them. Then we look at what the Bible has to say:

  1. On the Other Hand
  2. Why Calvinism?
  3. Our Sovereign Lord, Part 1
  4. Our Sovereign Lord, Part 2
  5. Depraved, but Not Totally
  6. Depraved, but Not Totally, Part 2
  7. Election, but Not Unconditional
  8. Election, but Not Unconditional, Part 2
  9. Limited Atonement
  10. Calvin and Christ's Righteousness
  11. Resistible Grace
  12. The Security of the Saints