“What Are You Wearing?”

Categories: Sin, Temptation, and Worldliness

A wide-eyed, young woman with a look of surprise as if she has just seen something shocking or inappropriate

Many of our neighbors have a poor gauge of what kind of dress is appropriate. In fact, the things that some of them leave the house wearing is downright shameful! Unfortunately, because we see these things day in and day out, our judgment can begin to drift, as the attire of some of our own brothers and sisters all too clearly reveals.

The Bible teaches us principles that help us both to don modest clothing that is not a temptation to our neighbors and to possess an attitude that glorifies God. So then, before you head out in a tank top or a short skirt, and before you hit the beach in your swimming trunks or your itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini, take a listen to these lessons on modesty and appropriate attire.