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Gospel Preaching from Stephen Rouse • September 2023

Brother Stephen Rouse of Harrisburg, PA was recently with us holding a gospel meeting. If you missed his lessons, you can hear them here:

  1. The Sacrifice of Praise
  2. Worship Within the Veil
  3. Why Does God Want Us to Sing?
  4. Thinking Through Hymns, Part 1
  5. Thinking Through Hymns, Part 2
  6. Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs


Gospel Preaching from Bruce Reeves • June 2023

If you missed the lessons Bruce Reeves of Conway, AR recently preached for us, you can hear them one by one at the links below. He did a series of lessons on Living a God-Centered Life:

  1. Living by Faith in a Skeptical World
  2. The Just Shall Live by Faith
  3. Remember Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth
  4. Was Jesus Really Raised from the Dead?
  5. Worship Questions Jesus Never Asked
  6. What Is Behind Every Temptation?
  7. What Happens When We Think about Heaven?

He also delivered a short series on The Battle for Truth:

  1. Defending the True Grace of God: How Are Sinners Forgiven?
  2. Abiding in the Doctrine of Christ: The Gospel / Doctrine Distinction


Gospel Preaching from Don Miller • February 2023

Did you miss our recent gospel meeting with Don Miller of Florence, AL? You can hear them here:

  1. Managing My Money
  2. Christ, Who Is He?
  3. What Is Your Sign?
  4. What Is a Christian?
  5. Counterfeiting the Gospel
  6. Four Ways We Look at the Second Coming


Gospel Preaching from Stan Adams • September 2022

Brother Stan Adams of Lincolnton, NC was recently with us holding a gospel meeting. If you missed his lessons, you can hear them here:

  1. Go Ye Means Go Me
  2. The Home That Pleases God
  3. Authority
  4. The Church You Can Read About in the Bible
  5. How the Holy Spirit Dwells in a Christian
  6. The Prodigal Son (Parables of Lost Things)


Friday, December 08, 2023

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”(Daily Reading, ESV)

Recent Sermons

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    Stephen Russell
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    Marshall McDaniel
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    Stephen Russell
  4. PlayMoses and Matthew (Part 4)
    Stephen Russell
  5. PlayCan We Trust the Bible? Inspiration (Part 2)
    Marshall McDaniel
  6. PlayIs Jesus God? (Part 2)
    Marshall McDaniel
  7. PlayA Parable about Parables
    Stephen Russell
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    Marshall McDaniel
  9. PlayHow to Be Brave
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  10. PlayNot Even One
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